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Supermarket Wine

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When was the last time you stood at the wine section of your local supermarket, staring blankly out at a looming wall of wine bottles, stacked high and tight, like a load of indistinguishable bricks?When was the last time you pushed your shopping cart past dozens and dozens of pretty bottles with their myriad of sexy, informative labels and finally picked one you'd never even heard just because it was getting late?
The fact is most supermarket shoppers looking for wine, usually make the same mistakes - basing their decisions on unexplained price-brackets, fancy bottle labels with their alluring blurbs, and the sound advice of the stranger beside them - who often knows even less than they do - instead of genuine knowledge of the product. Which is why, every week, some of the world's very best wines are unjustly left to gather dust on the shelves, while other, less deserving, take pride of place at dinner tables across the nation.
At Supermarket Wine, we too were getting sick and tired of walking into supermarkets and getting totally stymied in the wine section. After all, if we want to choose a good book for a certain occasion, we look at the reviews. And similarly if we want to see a good film, we also have plenty of reviews to guide us. But we don't have the time or inclination to search through the newspapers and collate them, which is why there are, thankfully, websites at hand that do it for us.
Well, why not for supermarket wine? There are reviews, we all know that. But has any one actually bothered to collate them - like movies and books - and have them available to the public to help them make the right choices.
Not until Supermarket Wine came along.
With our new app you can easily check up on the best wines of the week in all your favourite supermarket chains. You can check out all the latest recommended offers. You can even build your own list of wines.
Supermarket Wine. Cheers